We see the forest. . . not just the trees

Ever heard of someone who can’t see the forest for the trees?  Someone who misses the Big Picture because he’s focused on minutiae?  Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers can be like that, narrowly concentrating their practice on just one area of the law.  Not us.

We know that our client’s situations often involve the interactions of multiple areas of law.  For example, a divorce can trigger a bankruptcy.  Or a drunk driving conviction can affect work status. Or, without the proper planning, a car crash can lead to a foreclosure.

We see the “trees.”  We represent our clients in most areas of the law, including personal injury, divorce, estate planning, criminal law and bankruptcy.  We also see the “forest.”  We know how these different areas of the law interact and affect one another.  But most importantly, we see the light – using effective, encompassing strategies we help our clients find their way out of their dilemmas.

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