• Who we are

    We know the importance of family because we are family.

  • We know the ropes

    With more than a half-century of combined experience, our attorneys and staff are ready to tackle most any problem you can throw at us.

  • We see the forest. . . not just the trees

    Ever heard of someone who can’t see the forest for the trees?  Someone who misses the Big Picture because he’s focused on minutiae?  Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers can be like that, narrowly concentrating their practice on just one area of the law.  Not us.

  • Who fights for you?

    Sure, there is no shortage of lawyers in gilded towers to represent big insurance companies, big banks, and big corporations.  But who protects the “Little Guy?”


In our practice, I am often struck by the anxiety and worry that clients bring with them when they first walk through our door.  The reality is that no one consults a lawyer just for fun.  Its always because something “terrible” has happened.  Grandma died and her estate needs to be opened.  Husband lost his job and the bill collectors are suing.  Wife ran-off with some guy from work and took the kids with her.

We actually get to help people solve these very real problems.  We know that we can’t bring Grandma back, or repair broken marriages, but we can help people get through the tough times.  A bankruptcy wipes away debt and gives our client a “fresh start.”  Divorces can be survived when we provide shoulders to cry on and strength when its lacking.  Soon, the fears and anxiety are gone.  Life is never perfect, but in the end, our clients leave in a better place than when we met them.  And that’s pretty satisfying.


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Know your rights

We rely on the police to keep us safe and treat us all fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE STOPPED BY POLICE, IMMIGRATION AGENTS OR THE FBI

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